Surge my big fat arse


a Republocrat talking out of her arse

surgenoun1 a sudden or abrupt strong increase. 2 a sudden forceful flow.

The word “surge” is supposed to instil in the good citizens of The New Amerika images of power and strength. And of something temporary. In the language of doublespeak, a surge is something different than an increase in the number of US troops in Iraq. Oh, wait – no, it’s not.

The Democrats talked a lot about starting to pull troops out of Iraq by the middle of 2007. Wow, that is some advanced doublespeak. Somehow, what they actually meant is that we are going to send more troops into Iraq really soon.

Apparently, a decision has been made for an additional 20,000 troops. On top of the 140,000 troops we already have over there in that armpit of the world. That is an increase of over 14%.

A percentage only slightly higher than the 12.5% of Iraqis who are now displaced refugees (according to the latest UNHCR report). Ain’t war grand?

According to Tony “Blowjob” “Snowjob” Snow, as soon as we know more about it, we’ll be able to understand the president’s vision. In the meantime, we, the people, can’t discuss the issue “sensibly”.

I am going to discuss the issue sensibly right here, Snowjob. We need to get our troops out of Iraq – all of them and as fast as it may be possible. Most of us can understand the lessons of Vietnam, which means that we will never agree with the president’s plan to throw away more young American lives. And we don’t agree with the president’s vision of destroying our economy and inspiring more desperate young Arab men to become terrorists.

Cut and run, baby, cut and run.


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