A visa approaches… it would seem

winter bears

Prague 5 (photo from http://www.prazskekasny.net)

This post is another episode in the story of how to totally fuck up your status as a self-employed resident foreigner and then spend 14 months (so far) trying to get everything straightened out so you can get a new long-term visa.

We have made progress. I have to say “we” now because I am no longer allowed to go anywhere official on my own. There is a fear amongst my colleagues that I really will kill someone next time things don’t go my way.

Two weeks ago, I went to the trade licence office for Prague 5. I went on my own then because Kuba was taking his sister to the airport. The Prague 5 office accepted my request for an official print-out of my trade licence, but they (like the cows in Prague 3) were perturbed by the fact that my trade licence had no expiration date. They wouldn’t guarantee that the supervisor would grant my request. “Come back in 14 days.”

Kuba called the trade licence office to check on things last Thursday. The woman he talked to had no knowledge of my application and tried to deny that I had ever even been there. Kuba reported his conversation to me and watched the steam flowing out of my ears and nostrils. After some discussion, we decided to leave it until today.

So today, both Kuba and Martin accompanied me to the trade licence office in Prague 5. I think Kuba thought he might need some help holding me back, but I just thought that two good-looking young men were better than one. I teased them about how they would charm the miserable, colourless, middle-aged women that work in the trade licence office. I worried that I looked a bit too chic today and would just piss them off. Kuba and Martin told me I had to keep my mouth shut. Martin would do the talking and Kuba’s primary responsibility would be to keep me under control.

But we didn’t need any of that.

As I reported to my friends in Bratislava:

I finally have some good news to share with you. I went to the živnostenský úřad today. Kuba and Martin went with me to make sure that I wouldn’t kill anyone. Martin did the talking and referred to me as ‘our client’. The woman there was very nice and she smiled and she said, ‘Oh, I am sure it’s here, let me just find it.’ And, without any more complications, I got a new Výpis z živnostenského rejstříku.

The official, stamped and signed print-out is now on its way to the Czech embassy in Bratislava. If nothing else goes wrong, I should have my visa sometime between February and April.

Držím palce. I’m holding my thumbs.


2 Responses to A visa approaches… it would seem

  1. Miss Mickey says:

    I could listen to you tell these stories all day. Fascinating, maddening, funny as hell.

  2. Max says:

    Thanks, Miss Mickey. I will be sure to post the next instalment as soon as it happens.

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