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Jude Law
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Just in case you thought nightmares of bureaucracy in one country might be enough for me, here is what is going on back home in The New Amerika.

I have been waiting for permission from the California Bar Office of Admissions to take the California Bar Exam. It has been a slow, painful and very expensive process, but I have believed through most of it that I would get the permission in the end.

But yesterday I got the big “FUCK OFF” from a whore who can’t even spell. And her letter was full of ridiculous acronyms and references to the “Rules” and made very little sense. So instead of sharing that, I offer you the commentary that accompanied the letter when I scanned it and sent it to my family.

Here it is:

I opened the letter last night (see attached) and I wasn’t even disappointed. They have been so incompetent, so stupid and so unhelpful in that office that I didn’t expect anything more. This is sort of off-topic, but please note that they think I live in a country called “Czechoslovakia”. And every letter or email I have received from them has had at least one other misspelling or typo. Have they no pride?

Anyway, I have emailed to ask what the appeal process is. It is clear to me that they don’t know the difference between going to law school in England and going to law school in, let’s say, Bangladesh. It is also clear that they have totally discounted my experience and my other education. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this letter was meant for someone else altogether. (And since when do you need 4 years of legal education?!)

Yes, you may sense some anger, but please understand that the anger does not come from disappointment or defeat, it comes only from having to deal with these people that don’t give a shit, that don’t actually pay attention to what’s going on, and – let’s face it – are downright stupid.

So as I mentioned, I have enquired about the appeal process. They undoubtedly won’t answer my email so I will have to eventually write a letter, or telephone so that they can then ignore my voicemail, but I should have an answer by late spring.

Sarcasm is so therapeutic.

Have a great day!





3 Responses to Today’s bureaucracy story

  1. niquemg says:

    Why are you studying for the CA Bar?

  2. Max says:

    In order to get a US qualification. If not CA, then NY.

  3. aunt cookie says:

    well that so sucks!! incompetent fools! well frankly how can we expect better
    they did elect scwartzenegger for Governor

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