Max update


Lingers at Akropolis (photo by Kuba)

I’ve been busy.

On Saturday I went to Hagen, Germany to go to a party. I came back to Prague on Monday and on Monday night, I went to a party. I like parties.

Last night I went to a Lingers concert at Akropolis. The band sounded awesome and the music made me happy. On the way home, I stopped off for a drink with Honza, a friend of a friend that I met at the concert. Honza was strange.

Honza was tall, attractive and intelligent and could converse in both Czech and English. When he asked if I wanted to go for one last drink, I thought, hmm, this could be interesting. I like tall, attractive, intelligent men who can speak more than one language. And Honza knew a lot about history and politics, which I also like. But sadly, the allure was not to last.

Honza and I disagreed about almost everything we discussed, except that The Pianist was a very good film, even though you hate it while you’re watching it. Honza is in favour of the US missile defence shield thingy having a radar station in the Czech Republic. Honza is in favour of the war in Iraq. Honza thought that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the greatest US president ever.

Honza seemed to be really surprised that I was disagreeing with almost everything he said, as if he hadn’t expected me to be knowledgeable enough to do so. Especially when I argued with him on a point of Czech history.

By the time we left the bar, I think Honza was totally disgusted with me and couldn’t wait to get away. I, however, was not repulsed by Honza because I found him fascinating. You know, like a lion ripping apart a gazelle or like bacteria you’re looking at under a microscope. What drives him? What is inside his head that makes him come to such offensive conclusions? And why is he really no longer at all attractive?

Ach jo.


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