Take your pedantic PC-isms and shove them up your butt

thought police

The first thing that is wrong with “politically correct” is that it’s boring and colourless. The second thing that is wrong with PC is that it inspires certain people to think they can decide for everyone what words we should and should not use.

The thing that set me off today was something I read about Barack Obama on the BBC News website:

Did you know? Barack Obama’s mother was from Kansas and his father was from Kenya – leading observers to suggest he is an African and an American, but not an African-American.”

What the fuck?! On the Max scale of absurdity, that statement is right up there with keeping the age of the Grand Canyon a secret so as not to offend religious freaks. And whom are we supposed to not be offending with this gem of an idea?

One day here in Prague, I heard a little American kid saying something to his mother about “that African-American man over there”. And then the mom had to explain to the kid that the man was not African-American, he was just African. The kid looked pretty confused. Just using the word “black” would have been so much simpler.

Then there were those chocolate-covered donuts on display in the bakery near where I used to work. They were marketed as darky donuts. I kid you not – made me laugh till the wee ran down my leg.

And yet I am African-American. Ask Aunt Cookie – she had a DNA test and found out that we have Bantu in us, which means that we are from the southern half of Africa. You would barely know it by looking at us, except maybe for the big butts.

oompa loompas


2 Responses to Take your pedantic PC-isms and shove them up your butt

  1. aunt cookie says:

    oh that lovely bantu butt… yes I will attest to that (only worried about the two t’s)
    i must confess i prefer dog days to dog soup…. but keep my brain expaning
    and my heart light…..

  2. I’m glad you took the time and said that post =D

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