C’est fantastique!

le cuisinier

le cuisinier: l’art de la pâtisserie

Attention aux effets secondaires

This may be the most enticing marketing I have ever seen (in spite of the fact that it’s from Canadia).

Click on each product and look at the side effects. You won’t be disappointed (unless perhaps you are a heterosexual male – but how many of those really exist?!).

There is an English option if you need it, but the French adds to the overall effect, and it’s mostly visual anyway.

C’est fantastique – enjoy.

Merci beaucoup to the Mad Canadienne for sharing.



4 Responses to C’est fantastique!

  1. Mr. Dan says:

    I’m all gay, you’re all gay, we’re ok?

  2. Max says:

    Saigon Dan!! It’s always lovely to see you. Prague and I miss you.

  3. Heddy says:

    Oui, les hommes sont fantastique! (J’adore la creme, le bain, le pompier……)
    Ooh la la!

  4. celinka says:

    ahhh mais c’etait mon plaisir ma chere mireille!!

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