Limey teacher refuses to be outdone by Chinese government*

mum's day slut

Ah, yes, another news story that has made me quiver with glee.

“A headteacher has banned pupils from making Mother’s Day cards… to avoid upsetting kids without mothers.” – Yahoo UK

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Mrs Starkey claims she has nothing against Mother’s Day, which falls on March 18 this year, but would not allow pupils to make cards during lessons.

‘More than 5% of children here are separated from their birth mother and have either no contact or no regular contact with their mother… These include children who are bereaved, children whose parents are separated… and children who have been removed from parental care… we have to exercise great sensitivity.‘”

Coming up soon in Max’s absurd world:

all children to attend school in wheelchairs so as not to upset kids who can’t walk

all children’s heads to be shaved to spare the feelings of the ginger kids

all pupils to have their skin dyed to an identical shade to eliminate racism once and for all

All of which just made me think of the story Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. In that story all of the kids have to be handicapped so that they are all equal in every way – not one cuter, not one smarter, not one more athletic. Harrison Bergeron is the gorgeous, genius, talented kid that is so overburdened with handicaps that when he rebels and sheds them all, he can fly. In case you’re wondering, they kill him at the end of the story.

* referring to Tuesday’s post, Sweet and Sour Pork


2 Responses to Limey teacher refuses to be outdone by Chinese government*

  1. celinka says:

    You forgot to join my parade I got older today and still look young and fabulous!

  2. Max says:

    Uh, Celinka, didn’t I miss your birthday on the 8th rather than on the 13th? Sorry – just a bit overwhelmed by work, visitors, etc. Sorry, doll, je suis desolée. Všechno nejlepší. Sto lat! (po polsku) xo

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