Bureaucracy is my life

magna carta


1297 Magna Carta that lives in the National Archives in Washington, DC. Jono and I made a pilgrimage to see it last year.

I am in the midst of writing my appeal to the Office of Admissions of the State Bar of California. The appeal, in their words, is to be “a written petition, signed under penalty of perjury, for a waiver of the requirements pursuant to Rule VII and Rule VIII of the Rules Regulating blah blah blah…

I would like to share part of my petition with a wider audience. I feel that it nicely illustrates the incompetence that pervades our bureaucratic institutions and, subsequently, makes all of our lives that little bit more needlessly difficult. Here it is:


Section 1(a)(1) says, “Every person who intends to seek admission as a general applicant shall take the First-Year Law Students’ Examination following completion of one year of law study unless such person has passed the bar examination of a United States jurisdiction, a possession, territory, or dependency the United States may hereafter acquire or of a country where the common law of England constitutes the basis of jurisprudence.”

As I explained in my letter to the Office of Admissions dated July 24, 2006, I have passed the Law Society exams for England and Wales. I also explained that the Law Society exams are equivalent to the bar exam in California. Perhaps it was an oversight on my part not to emphasize that in England, the basis of jurisprudence is the common law of England. For that I apologize.

For those reasons, I respectfully request that you grant me a waiver of the requirement to take the First-Year Law Students’ Examination.



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