Another post on dope


Soud řekl: Pěstovat marihuanu je legální

Last month I wrote about the Cannabis Cup and explained that marijuana is mostly legal in the Czech Republic.

In case you are wondering, marijuana is mostly legal in the Czech Republic. You can grow it, you can possess it and you can smoke it, as long as the quantity you have is not “more than a small amount” for personal use.

Well, those crazy Bohemians have one-upped themselves. The Supreme Court has ruled that growing cannabis is not a crime. Full stop. It is now legal to grow as much dope as your green thumb can care for.

Mojmír Miklica and Hana Tichá had been sentenced for growing 500 marijuana plants. They appealed the verdict and took their case to the Supreme Court. The Court decided that growing the plants could not be seen as production of a drug, and that there is no crime until the grower dries the plant for smoking.

But the story’s ending is not entirely happy for Mojmír and Hana. They were still punished for processing.


** Update 22.02.2007 **

Supreme Court claims that media misinterpreted the ruling. Growing cannabis is still illegal – except in small amounts for personal use or if the grower has a permit, e.g. to grow marijuana for medical use.

Full story here.



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