The anticipation of Max

woman gun

I am going to learn how to shoot a gun this evening. I have never shot a gun in my life. I have handled guns, most notably Uzi sub-machine guns, but no one has ever before dared to put a gun that was actually loaded into my hand.

My shooting mentor is big, strong, handsome and brave, and obviously a little bit crazy.

I’ll be shooting a Glock 17. I am pretty excited about the whole prospect – in a calm and sensible way – so I have been studiously preparing by reading about the gun on the interweb. My mentor sent me first to Wikipedia for the basics. Yesterday I sent myself to the Glock website.

This is my favourite sentence from the whole website:

Whether strong masculine hands or delicate female hands, the GLOCK pistol always feels as if it is made to measure.

I find that very reassuring. And I am looking forward to getting my delicate female hands on my mentor’s Glock tonight.


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