Another noteworthy anniversary

saddam statue

Happy Birthday, Operation Iraqi Freedom!!


2 Responses to Another noteworthy anniversary

  1. Miss Mickey says:

    When I watched that moment on TV with the soldier putting the flag on Saddam’s face, I remember feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable. Like the time I was at friends’ for dinner and their kid decided it wanted to masturbate in the living room. Oh dear god, please make it stop doing what it’s doing, I pleaded silently, averting my eyes, whilst her commanding officers were in the kitchen checking on the jalapeno poppers.

    Happy birthday, Iraq war! Imagine what you’ll be like as a teenager….

  2. Max says:

    And I had meant to call it “Another glorious anniversary”, but had completely forgotten by the time I got to it. Next time.

    Jono told me that he likes your story, Miss Mickey. I think it was the masturbation theme he appreciated. I like jalapeno poppers.

    The Iraq war as a teenager… scary thought.

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