Spring Flowers by Rolf Hicker


Prague Spring

I hate spring. Of course, the warmer weather is wonderful and the sunshine and the colours and the flowers are lovely. But I have terrible seasonal allergies and so for three months out of every year I am absolutely miserable. It’s not just a runny nose and watery eyes, it’s congestion and headaches and an irritated phlegmy throat and even nausea, and it gets fucking worse every year.

New York Spring

The British pound has just reached $2. Limeys have been flying over to New York by the thousands just for weekends of shopping. “I say, old chap, everything is so bloody cheap over here in the colonies.” Americans should find that humiliating. It should make Americans angry and it should make Americans question. Why is our currency so weak? Could it be the deficit, financial mismanagement, national debt, financing wars, selling our soul to China, selling our soul to Halliburton…

Wake up, Amerika! The rising price of gasoline is the least of your worries.

Blacksburg Spring

You’d think it was Iraq or Afghanistan or something. 33 dead at a university in The Amerika. The university administration is being criticised for not warning the students about the gunman, even though they had 2 hours between the first and second rounds of shootings. The university is defending itself with the ‘unforeseeable’ argument. Both sides are right. There is no point in pinning blame on anyone except the gunman (or gunmen). It is impossible to defend against an incident like this one. Luckily, very few people ever decide that mass murder is the way they want to go out. (I am excluding governments, of course.)

And I am now thinking of joining the NRA because one of the thoughts I had in relation to the shootings yesterday was that if any of the people in the vicinity of the gunman had been packing, they could have taken him out. It just takes the police too long to get anywhere and we need to be able to defend ourselves.

I asked Jack, “Why do you carry a gun if you never need to use it?”

Jack answered, “Because one day I might.”

And I get that, I absolutely get that.


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