A Girl’s Best Friend?

annie get your gun


Perhaps I am becoming obsessed.

I first want to restate my comments of Tuesday, which followed the Virginia Tech tragedy.

…And I am now thinking of joining the NRA because one of the thoughts I had in relation to the shootings yesterday was that if any of the people in the vicinity of the gunman had been packing, they could have taken him out. It just takes the police too long to get anywhere and we need to be able to defend ourselves.

I asked Jack, “Why do you carry a gun if you never need to use it?”

Jack answered, “Because one day I might.”

And I get that, I absolutely get that.

My brother then contributed this link, which is to the concealed carry database.

And today I found this blog post by CLS, entitled, “When mass killers meet armed resistance.” It is an extremely interesting and readable piece, and effectively makes the argument that we should all be armed. It relates incidents where private citizens with guns have taken down gunmen, thereby cutting short their shooting sprees and potentially preserving many lives. CLS makes the very sad point that if only Virginia Tech had not been a “gun free zone”…

I strongly encourage you to read the article. [Disclaimer: Although I believe that the stories CLS tells are true, I have not independently verified all the facts.]

The main point that CLS has made and that I would like to emphasise is that we as individuals must be able to protect ourselves. The police are generally not there when you need them and it will always take them time to get there.

It’s just basic self-reliance.


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  1. Desktopjunk says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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