Google and the Gestapo


at the Canadian-US border


Monkey recently sent me a link to this story on Boing Boing, which tells of a Canadian psychotherapist who was refused entry to The New Amerika after the border Gestapo googled his name. The problem was that in 1967, Andrew Feldmar had taken LSD twice as part of his graduate research in psychology. After finding the article Feldmar had written about his experiences with the drug, the Gestapo barred him from entering the country due to his use of ‘narcotics’ under the Fatherland Security Act. Feldmar tried to explain that LSD is not even a narcotic substance, but you know the Gestapo – they just don’t like to listen.

So Feldmar is now banned for life from entering The New Amerika. He is pretty sad about it because his children live in The Amerika and he would like to visit them there. However, he can apply for a waiver to the ban. The process takes about a year, costs approximately $3,500, and Feldmar was told he had a 90% chance of being granted the waiver. Oh, but there’s a catch – the waiver only gives him the right to enter and exit the country once. If he’d like to cross the border again, he’ll have to apply for another waiver. Land of the free.

I myself have experimented with quite a few different drugs, both narcotic and non-narcotic. Would anyone now like to ask me why I have never used my real name on any of my blogs?

If you don’t do it already, you should periodically google yourself to see what’s out there. Prospective employers google you, and for those of us who date, it goes without saying that googling is part of the vetting process. And now even the gorillas at the borders have figured out how to use the google.

UPDATE: Especially for the doubters, the full story is here.


One Response to Google and the Gestapo

  1. Evil da Pig says:

    I think the real motivation is that if people in America found out that he’s tried LSD, then they’d all be asking to try LSD and there’s just not enough to go around. If he brought enough to share, they’d probably let him in.

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