The Christian Taliban in The New Amerika

christian fascism


Last week I wrote about Oriana Fallaci’s view of the “Reverse Crusade” – the Muslim invasion of Europe. But I hate getting caught looking in the wrong direction so today’s topic is the Christian Taliban of The New Amerika.

This morning I read an article called “The Crusaders” by Robert Koehler. The article contains a strong and disturbing quote from Mikey Weinstein: The Christian Taliban is running the Department of Defense.

Weinstein is the founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which works to ensure that those serving in the US armed forces do not have their constitutional right to religious freedom whipped out from under them.

Mikey Weinstein published a book last year, so I went to amazon to look at it. With God on Our Side is an exposé of the fundamentalist Christian zealotry that has permeated the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. It got good reviews and I am going to read it.

I have a friend in the US Air Force, he is a major and a pilot and a Jew. I have never asked him about being a Jew in the air force or at the academy, but I have talked to my friend who is his wife. For three years in Germany, Leah’s only close friends were other military wives. They were all nice women, but they were also all Christian – the kind that organise their own Bible study twice a week. And Leah continually had to tell them to fuck off because they really really wanted her to join them.

When I was down in Vyškov, teaching at the Czech military university, an American astronaut came to speak and ended up trying to sell Jesus to an audience full of atheist soldiers who had no idea what he was on about. It was so wrong and out of place that it literally made me sick – I barfed into the sink in my office just after.

Back to amazon… you know how when you look at a book, they tell you what other books you might want to browse through. I got a list of titles that turned my blood to ice water:

  • Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism by Michelle Goldberg
  • American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America by Chris Hedges
  • Piety & Politics: The Right-Wing Assault on Religious Freedom by Barry W. Lynn

This is pretty serious stuff. We are currently at war because God told the pяezident to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Creationism is being taught in schools all over The New Amerika. Politicians have declared that the United States was founded as a Christian nation (which it was not). Women are continuously being threatened with the loss of our freedom of choice and the ownership of our own bodies. Atheists are feared and reviled. And the witch burnings are sure to start any day now.

How did we get here? I would like to write next about what we need to do to fix things, but I’m afraid that I don’t know. Reason seems to have fled and we really are stuck in an age of mumbo-jumbo. I guess I’ll just stay over here where it’s relatively safe and watch and wait.




9 Responses to The Christian Taliban in The New Amerika

  1. Same Old A-Hole says:

    With all due respect, we can compare the religious right of America to the Taliban as soon as they (the religious right) start killing teachers, raping young boys and girls, and publicly stoning people to death. While I can see, and understand, your frustration, there is absolutely no comparing the two. Moral equivalence is a slippery slope.

  2. Max says:

    Don’t put words in my mouth, Asshole. I never said ‘moral equivalence’. However, since you brought it up – what is comparable (see, I still haven’t said ‘equivalent’) is believing that you are the only one who is right, believing that your god is the one true god and is, of course, exclusively on your side, and that because you are right, you can force your beliefs and way of life on other people. I don’t want that from the fundamentalist Muslims, and I don’t want it from the fundamentalist Christians.

  3. Max says:

    Aunt Cookie, your comment got caught in the spam filter. I tried to recover it, but it got lost. Sorry about that.

  4. Same Old A-Hole says:

    It’s implicit in the title, isn’t it? That’s how it struck me anyway.

  5. Max says:

    I borrowed the title, and it is merely hyperbole for dramatic effect. It does not imply ‘moral equivalence’. But, Asshole, since you seem to want to drag me into it – would you like to talk only about the present, or shall we discuss all 2000 years of the Christian era?

  6. Same Old A-Hole says:

    No blasphemy intended but I couldn’t give one rat’s ass about Christianity. Prostelyzing Christians don’t worry me much (though they do annoy me some). I don’t think that Christian lobbying efforts/influences are sinister any more than I would think the same of suggestions that Jewish lobbying efforts/influences were similarly adverse (accusations that, of course, would never be made!). The risk, if you will, of democracy is that those that want the power can very often get it.

    Let’s not forget, though… the second any kid in this country is exposed to religion in school, phone switch boards light up, principals sweat under the light of news cameras, emergency school board meetings are planned and apologies to the offended begin. It’s still taboo. It’s just not happening. Yes, lobbying groups want it, and occasionally a zealous teacher loses their job over it (and that was in a very wealthy, very conservative school district). People have been “threatening” prayer in school (and the overturning of Roe v. Wade) for thirty years now, and it still hasn’t happened.

    My point, really, is that Christian fundamentalists in AmeriCa aren’t really all that dangerous. Or, at the very least, they’re nowhere near the level of some other fundamentalist groups. So long as clowns like Jerry Falwell are charged with leading the way, I think we’ll be just fine. Seriously, these are the people to whom you’re essentially referring. They’re hardly going to have much influence past their fellow recovering thieves, alchoholics, and pedophiles (apologies of course to all the Christians I just offended). All you have to do is wait one of these born-again freaks out…eventually they tend to get exposed as adulterers, embezzlers, or pedophiles. Even though they apologize and blame it on “relapses” and/or “satan,” they still have to go leave the public arena (at least until the release of their memoir).

    The threats from the religious right are overblown (unless, of course, you are a ganster rapper in need of help from some Hebrew heavies) .

  7. Max says:

    Well, Asshole, I have ordered 3 of the 4 books I mentioned in my post, and the bookstore promised them by next Monday at the latest. I’ll let you know what conclusions I reach, and you know that the books will be at your disposal should you care to read any of them.

    And I happen to think that one should be wary of any fundamentalist group.

  8. aunt cookie says:

    I have a theory

    those of us who were part of the sexual -intellectual – bra burning era of the 60’s
    were in love with the east coast intelligentsia – who happened to be “jewish”

    well you see how well our ideals served us – we are insecure – poor – and stressed out
    because we can’t retire and are unhealthy to boot – our fairy tale didn’t work
    and we still believe in fairies and tales so…..

    ergo a new generation says “aw that didn’t work” lets do the reactionary thing
    and fall in with the religious right
    and maybe herein lies the answer – we will throw all intelligent and free thinking thought out the window – and maybe our souls will be saved
    more likely their soles will be worn but no other explanation for how this happened

  9. The Truth Be Told says:

    Born agains are freaks plain and simple.

    They have been brainwashed to the point they will lie, cheat, and sneak to get what they want in business, with friends and family, and slaughter you with THEIR view of the Bible. They prey on the under educated (Africa is a favorite target), jail birds (meetings with those in jail), naive teens in their development stages of making informed judgments, and anyone else who is an easy target. They are as dangerous to a society as Hitler’s Gestapo was in Europe.

    When you run into one, don’t be nice since that is one of their sneaky tactics and run as far way from them as you can. If you are in a store or in line to purchase something, drop it and tell the manager on your way out you don’t want to shop there because of Born Again freaks solicitation on their premise.

    The born again club/society has gone far enough. Since they are brainwashed to the danger point, it is hard to stop them. Any engagement with them is usually fruitless because they are so clever and manipulative. You can not trust them in any way, form shape, or matter. Period.

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