Brazil sticks it to the Church

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The BBC story that caught my ear this morning was that the Brazilian government had announced that it will soon make oral contraceptives widely available. The government is even going to subsidise the pills so that the poor can also benefit.

The announcement unto itself might not necessarily have been world newsworthy, but the reaction of the Catholic Church apparently was. The Catholic Church is objecting to Brazil making oral contraceptives available and affordable because birth control leads to promiscuity.

That’s pretty rich coming from a bunch of celibate priests.

I have decided to take it upon myself to set the record straight because while I might not know more about promiscuity than some people, I can safely say I know a lot more about it than Ratzinger and his cronies.

So once and for all, these are things that do not lead to promiscuity: availability of birth control, sex education in school, video games, explicit song lyrics, and bare breasts on the beach.

These are things that may lead to promiscuity: natural instinct, natural sexuality, natural urges. Please note the frequent occurrence of the word ‘natural’.

I am an atheist and I have never believed in the concept of sin. However, for all of you religious people out there – if your god didn’t want us to do it, why did s/he make it feel good, and why did s/he make sure that we had these natural urges, which are often uncontrollable? If sex were just for procreation, then we would be more like animals and only go into heat once a year.

Remember kids – sex is not evil, but unwanted pregnancy is.



The BBC story is here.


One Response to Brazil sticks it to the Church

  1. Your dismissing Catholicism out-of-hand is unfortunate. Why not put the time into un-prejudiced research with original documents and archaeological reports? Have you never examined first-hand accounts of any Catholic miracles or other supernatural phenomena? You really could do better than dismissing someone’s opinion on the basis that they’re celibate.

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