My new friend, the Anarchist


I like dialogue and I like people that can teach me things and people that will ask me intelligent questions that make me better elaborate my own thoughts and beliefs. I recently found one of those people – well, actually, he found me, and now I am a regular reader of his blog.

Gavin and I both consider ourselves anarchists. I would call Gavin an anarcho-socialist and myself an anarcho-capitalist, but Gavin considers himself an Anarchist and me just a capitalist (or perhaps a libertarian capitalist).

Gavin’s blog is more focused than mine. Gavin is passionate, and he is obviously knowledgeable and well-informed. His blog is first-rate, so I encourage anyone who appreciates good writing and the opportunity to learn something to go over and see what Gavin has to say.

Gavin’s blog: make/shift


2 Responses to My new friend, the Anarchist

  1. make/shift says:

    You are far too kind Max. I have enjoyed having you on the site, for one, you actually can maintain civilized conversation, and two, you are not afraid to challenge me (and my silly socialist tendencies!)

    I will hopefully find time to respond to the “State Socialism V. Anarchism” post today, if not, look for a response tomorrow.

    See you around Max!

  2. Max says:

    I am not kind, Gavin. I yell at people at work all the time. I am just honest and not afraid to express my thoughts.

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