Wprost Merkel Kaczynski breastfeeding

The cover of Wprost magazine: “Europe’s Stepmother” – German Chancellor Angela Merkel breastfeeding the Polish Kaczynski twins, Prime Minister Jaroslaw and President Lech.

The cover’s message is that Germany, especially Ms. Merkel, is trying to treat Poles and the Polish leaders as small children completely unable to act on their own and somehow dependent on Germany…. There is the impression that Germany, being more powerful, wants to dominate Poland and that the Kaczynski brothers want to stand up to this domination.

Stanislaw Janecki, editor-in-chief of Wprost, as told to Spiegel Online

The Germans are apparently pissed off by the cover. No sense of humour. I think it’s funny, although in extremely poor taste. Not because I give a shit what the press prints about Merkel or how they photoshop her – maybe she should be happy they gave her such fine young breasts – but because I hate seeing women breastfeeding in public without covering up.

As my friend Ricardo said at lunch today: “Breastfeeding is not a spectator sport.”

…and also because I consider the thought of the religious right-wing Kaczynski brothers doing anything remotely sexual exceptionally disturbing.


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