So there was a car bomb in London that didn’t go off. I don’t know what to make of that. The news was maybe a little bit surprising, but not at all shocking. Maybe it would still have had the power to shock if it had actually gone off.

I am not crying ‘conspiracy’, but the whole thing is a bit weird. A car bomb at 1 in the morning does not make any sense if the point of a car bomb is to kill as many people as possible. Erratic driving doesn’t make any sense either. I thought that people who want to set off bombs normally try to act inconspicuously. You know, so as not to draw attention to themselves. I read that the bomb was big, but then I read it was not so big, and then I read it was big again. I read there were nails in the bomb, but then I also read that there were no nails, and then there were nails again. “Carnage” seems to be the most common description of what would have been if…

And they are “examining the CCTV in the area”. Ah, yes, good old England, with more CCTV cameras per capita than any other country on our planet.

Certainly some arrests will follow this incident. They’ll be able to trace the car, trace the dna in the fag butts in the ashtray of the car, trace the bomb components… Perhaps there will have been a passport left on the back seat. And, of course, they will find the driver of the car through the CCTV pictures.

Look how well CCTV fights terrorism. We had better put in even more cameras all over the place so we can continue to protect our citizens.




One Response to Bomba

  1. Same Old A-Hole says:

    Ha Ha, she said, “fag butts.” (I know, I know, but still…)

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