Max’s excuse


I am stupidly busy now.  Work is busy – today is another Friday that I am going to be working late while my friends are already in the pub.

Last weekend I had my Little Sister and Asshole and their two little kids here for four days.  I love them all dearly, but having two small children around me almost constantly has left me frazzled to a point where I barely recognise myself.  The kids just left on Tuesday, but it already seems ages ago (aside from the emotional damage and the sheets that are still waiting to be laundered).

The thing that is killing my blog and interfering with my social life right now is the extra job I have taken on.  I am teaching a course in law for business on a 4-week summer study abroad programme.  I had never taught law before so I knew this would be a challenge.  But it has turned out to be even more labour intensive than I had expected, and it is taking up all of my time.  I suppose that’s an exaggeration since I managed to throw together a dinner for myself and kd on Tuesday and I was out at a bourbon and cigar tasting dinner on Wednesday.  But still, I notice the difference.

My class is crazy.  I have 16 students and 15 of them are Kazakhs.  Thank goodness Borat is not quite an accurate depiction (although K, who has lived in Kazakhstan, swears he is).  The 16th is American.  As we went through English contract cases today, which I happen to find really interesting, I wasn’t sure if the kids were getting anything at all.  Their levels of English vary quite a bit.  Then I gave them an activity to do and they proved that they had taken in pretty much everything I had said.  That was gratifying.

The students read whatever I tell them to read, they all do their homework and turn it in on time, they ask questions and they seem to be taking their term project seriously.  We’ll see how it goes next week…


5 Responses to Max’s excuse

  1. Dane says:

    Excellent. I wish you’d been my teacher – not that I didn’t love K’s class, but she wasn’t the argumentative type. If you’d been my teacher, we’d have fought a lot, and I’d have enjoyed it immensely.

    Speaking of things to argue about, check out my blog today. It’s somewhat disorganized, but has me thinking hard. I’m interested in what you’ve got to say.

  2. Sharon says:

    I thought you liked your little sister’s husband. . . maybe this is a new husband . . . and now she has 2 kids. Time does fly.

    I understand stupidly busy. Imagine 3 small kids ALL THE TIME. Haven’t looked at your blog in forever. Glad to see that all seems well.

  3. Max says:

    Sharon, nice to see you. I still love Little Sister’s husband. His blog name is Asshole just to protect his identity.
    I’ve just been over to The Dad’s blog – I didn’t even know it existed. I like it.

  4. Max says:

    Dane, as you have asked, I have read and commented.

  5. Dane says:

    Thanks, Max – I know you’re busy, and I appreciate the comments. Between you, the atheist, and Davey, the secular, very prone-to-Yiddish sort of Jew, my family will have their hands full. And right they should – it’s about time they all got around to grappling with (the idea of) different kinds of Jews.

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