Prague has beautiful cobblestone sidewalks. I often notice them, but I don’t often speak of them. Asshole talked about them at some length when he was here a couple of weeks ago, and last night I was out with another visitor to Prague who also expressed admiration for our pavements. After we parted I went to walk by the house where Jono and I may be buying a flat to make sure there were cobblestones there. There were.

Here are some photographs that Asshole took while he was here.

cobblestones 1a

cobblestones 2a

cobblestones 3a

cobblestones 4a

* Thanks Asshole!


4 Responses to Cobblestones

  1. Dane says:


    Work it, Max. Come on, just get me to admit I’m the slightest bit nostalgic for those sidewalks.

    Argh. At least I never wear heels – I’ve had to yank someone else’s shoe out from the cracks in those things more than once.

  2. Same Old A-Hole says:

    Tremendously underrated, in my estimation. The “cobblestone” (though most of the above pictures are actually “belgian blocks”) sidewalks add to the character of Prague more than most would give them credit for. The pictures have been a hit with my tile setting friends (and I’m sure the masons will love them too).

    Glad you could find a use for some of the pictures. Would you mind forwarding the pictures to L of her bungy jump? Thanks.

  3. Max says:

    Asshole, no problem, will forward the bungy jump pix.

    Dane, I too have witnessed friends get their heels stuck in the cobbles. I, however, have never helped anyone free herself – why bring a highly comedic situation to a premature end?

  4. Dane says:

    Er, because the comedic situation would’ve been prematurely ended by a mafia-driven taxi smashing into her?

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