Hypocrites without balls

gay marriage


…or 3 degrees of marriage

As you might already know from my previous post, I am reading Michelle Goldberg’s Kingdom Coming and it’s scaring the shit out of me.

This morning on BBC I heard a news story about the Democratic candidates’ LGBT Hollywood campaign forum and it made me angry. Not that it’s hard for politicians to make me angry or anything. But how do people who are for equality and civil rights – who have a woman and a black man as the leading candidates in their party, for fuck’s sake – come out against the rights of gays to marry?

I am sure Hillary Clinton knows the history of women’s suffrage in the United States and how women had to fight just to be able to vote. I am sure she is aware that there are still countries where women don’t have the vote and are treated as chattel. Yet she, a woman, is able to run for president of what may or may not still be the greatest country in the world.

Just as I am certain that Barack Obama knows that blacks in The Amerika used to be slaves and that people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King made great personal sacrifices to win equality for those who came after them. Yet he, a black man, can run for president.

How dare they – Clinton and Obama – try to draw boundaries around other people’s rights.

I know how they would answer that – that they cannot afford to alienate the majority of voters who are against gay marriage. Yet Clinton described herself last night as “pro civil unions”. And Obama declared that civil unions “wouldn’t be a lesser thing”.

Before I reach my crescendo of anger and disappointment, I feel I should include the information that two candidates, Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich, neither of whom have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Democratic candidacy, do support gay marriage.

Here’s the thing. There is marriage, then there is covenant marriage, which is a little more something, and then there is civil union, which is a little less something. It’s all fucking marriage though, isn’t it? There shouldn’t be different degrees of it – it’s not murder or burns. Politicians – supposed progressive politicians – are taking a question of equal civil rights and turning it into a disgusting little game of semantics. Clinton and Obama are leaders of a gang of no-ball hypocrites.

The Democratic candidates are worried about alienating voters. I guess it doesn’t matter. The people that actively oppose gay marriage probably wouldn’t vote for a woman or a black man anyway.


4 Responses to Hypocrites without balls

  1. Bob Zuley says:

    Thanks for the great critique. The candidates, religious zealots, public officials, and most people overlook the fact that “marriage” is a state-sanctioned civil contract institution, in which religious clergy are also allowed to officiate. As a state-licensed civil function, neither clergy nor elected officials should be imposing restictions on whom may take part in officially chosing a sanctioned partner for life. The ability to marry should have no bearing on the ability or willingness to bear children. After all, we allow hetero couples to marry even though they may choose not to propogate. As a progressive society, we must engage in rational dialogue and move toward societal acceptance of GLBT people, and not engage in religious based heterosexist discrimination.

  2. Max says:

    Bob, thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  3. Dane says:

    Or, we should get rid of marriage altogether and find some other realtionship (maybe we can just call it a “legal partnership” ) on which to base social expectations, health rights and tax cuts.

  4. Max says:

    Or why don’t we just call it marriage – a term everyone is familiar with, open it up to everyone, and leave it at that.

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