Max is not away

amsterdam gracht


I should have been on a flight to Amsterdam at 6.40 this morning. This weekend was supposed to have been Juicy’s hen party, but she dumped the guy so it became just a generic girls’ weekend instead. I haven’t been to Amsterdam since 1993, so I was kind of excited about going. And about seeing my friends.

Max plays tennis

But on Tuesday night on a clay tennis court at Cibulka, a bug bit me on the side of my foot. I felt it and it hurt. I had a feeling right away that it was going to be trouble, and I was right. It started swelling up and itching almost immediately, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. By Wednesday morning it had got worse so I bought some topical antihistamine. By Wednesday evening I was having trouble walking and my lower leg had started to resemble the leg of a small elephant. I had trouble sleeping Wednesday night because of the itching and the internal discomfort. It felt like there was poison slowly spreading up my leg. On Thursday morning, the skin around the bite had blistered, my whole lower leg hurt and I could barely walk.

I went to the doctor. He gave me a shot in my arse to stop the allergic reaction, some more topical antihistamine, and penicillin tablets. He told me to rest and keep my foot elevated and to walk as little as possible. Which is why I am not currently in Amsterdam.

Max watches tv

I don’t generally watch tv, my adult attention deficit disorder won’t allow it. And I usually ignore people when they tell me how great certain tv shows are and offer to lend me their dvds. But AG brought a boxed set of every single episode of West Wing ever aired back with her from The Amerika, and I was finally talked into taking season one home with me. I’ve watched about 14 episodes so far and it’s very good.

The last episode I watched touched on hate crimes and gay rights, the latter being an issue very important to me. Not that hate crimes are insignificant, it’s just that I tend to lean towards the side that says alike crimes should be treated alike, and not distinguished because of what the perpetrators were thinking. Shooting me in the face to steal my wallet, for example, should be no different from shooting me in the face because I’m a Jew.

So in this West Wing episode, a gay teenager had been tortured and beaten to death by other children. His parents went to the White House for the signing of some hate crimes legislation. Because the father seemed reticent, they questioned him as to whether he was embarrassed that his son had been gay. And then he let them have it. He was not embarrassed that his son had been gay. But he was angry that his son had been murdered and he was angry that the government had not been doing nearly enough for gay rights. He mentioned marriage, he mentioned the military, and he mentioned adoption, among other things.

I appreciated that the show had taken that slant, and it made me wonder what the demographics of West Wing watchers had been.


3 Responses to Max is not away

  1. aunt cookie says:

    Sara loved West Wing especially the early episodes with the original “writers”
    in the latter seasons it lost its edge and the writing was not as good. I don’t want to misquote her but I do know this was one show that she never missed.

  2. aunt cookie says:

    PS sorry about the leg thing

  3. Max says:

    Thanks, Aunt Cookie. My leg is much better. It’s still swollen, but it no longer looks like it belongs to an elephant and I can walk without any problems.

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