Cheering up Max



Plans are being made for this weekend in London, and they all revolve around food and drink. And friends, of course – but that goes without saying. I know I’ll be in trouble because someone in London whom I have not called will read this blog, but hey ho – I’ll only be over there for a quick weekend, I can’t see everyone, and I refuse to make myself more insane by trying.

Anyway, meals for Friday have been determined and I am excited, probably overly so.

Lunchtime will be spent with A at the sushi bar in Kiku. I first discovered Kiku in 2003 when Christian had thrown his Time Out restaurant guide at me and said, “Find somewhere neither of us has been, and make sure it’s expensive.” Kiku is not overly expensive by London standards, but it is sushi in Mayfair and it is the best sushi I have ever eaten in Europe. The sushi chef treated me and Christian especially well because I ordered in Japanese; going there with A will be even better because she is Japanese.

Lunch will be early and dinner will be late so that I have time to re-develop my appetite in between. Although I have promised Christian that if I am not hungry enough by dinnertime I will make myself vomit.

Christian, who always comes up with reasons to reward me with dinners, is taking me to Patara. I have never been to Patara, but Christian claims that it is the best Thai food he has ever had, including in Thailand. The best Thai food I have ever had was the amazing green curry that Christian himself once made for me at my house in Guildford. Christian has also said something about cocktails and single malt whisky.

On Saturday I will certainly dine again, but I don’t yet know where.

On another note – I went out this lunchtime to buy a flash stick and accidentally bought myself a pair of seriously red D&G glasses instead.


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