Postal Ambush

royal mail bin


This time the evil post perpetrator of crimes is Britain’s Royal Mail. TV Nova in the Czech Republic reported yesterday that the Royal Mail has been checking all post from the Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria because child pornography had been detected in mail from all three of those countries.

Kiddie porn is not the only problem. According to TV Nova, cigarettes, drugs, and other “illegal materials” have also been found. So much for the EU and “free movement of goods” – which does not apply, by the way, to consumable commodities that are heavily taxed by our governments.

I have already alerted someone I may or may not know to the probability of postal ambushes. This person has regularly sent cigarettes through the post from the Czech Republic to the UK, and people pay him/her for the service, because cigarettes are still considerably cheaper here in Central Europe. It was a win/win situation as people in the UK got cheaper cigarettes, the person on this side made a bit of a profit, the free market was functioning and everyone was happy, except the government.

And Česká pošta, bless their helpful little souls, have offered to aid the Royal Mail by checking letters and small packages before they even send them out of the country. I’ll be using DHL.


3 Responses to Postal Ambush

  1. Ricardo says:

    An English friend of mine used to mail certain herbs to me whilst I was living in London that he grew in the Californian sunshine …

    Not knowing he was going to do this I took his package with me to work and opened it in the office, which was quite a surprise!

    I’m all for free market exchanges as described. Is the export of cigarettes by mail to a friend actually prohibited within the EU?

  2. Max says:

    I think it’s actually the UK that prohibits the import of cigarettes through the post, but I am not 100% certain.

  3. emailoprettesher…

    […]Postal Ambush « The Unabating Enlightenment of Max[…]…

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