The draft – coming soon to your neighbourhood

military draft


I have written a lot in the past about the draft and I cannot bear repeating myself so these are the posts should you be inspired to read them.

Cut and run – 22 December 2006

The draft again – 21 November 2006 (my pick)

On the recruiting slump – 30 September 2005

Our impending draft – 29 August 2005

I have lost a bet I made with Bubba in July of 2005. That bet was that within 2 years The New Amerika would reactivate the military draft. Hey, Bubba – double or nothing for another 2 years?

There was a story on the BBC website on Thursday: US military chiefs have approved a proposal to speed up the expansion of the US Army. The target is to increase the number of soldiers in the army by 74,000 to a total of 547,000 including guards and reserves. The publicised strategies are to “persuade” existing soldiers to extend and to pay National Guard soldiers finders’ fees for getting their friends to sign up.

“Meeting this target will not be easy,” said Gen George Casey. “It will require a total force effort if we’re going to expand more rapidly and maintain the quality.”

Oh really?

I’ve said it all before – if the poverty draft is not working well enough anymore, then it’s going to have to be the real draft. Because the strategies of just getting the fuck out of Iraq and not starting any more wars do not seem to have occurred to any of the assholes in Washington.


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