More fodder for Max

beavis and butthead


I had thought that the people that work in government offices could not get any stupider. Alas, I was wrong.

Yesterday I received a letter from the social insurance office with a summary of how I am doing in terms of any future pension I might hope to receive from the Czech state. It made me laugh out loud because it contained 5 errors, two of them that were really ridiculous.

  1. My birthday was wrong, but only by 10 days.
  2. My ex-husband’s last name was written under maiden name.
  3. All other former surnames’ had been left blank.
  4. My place of birth was listed as Florida. I was born in Pennsylvania.
  5. My country of citizenship was listed as England. I am American, and England is not actually a country of anyone’s citizenship.

It just doesn’t stop.


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