Mile high

singapore girl
Up for a shag?


If you were travelling with your lover in 1st class on the biggest aeroplane in the world and you had a private suite with a double bed – what is the first thing you would do? The correct answer is that you would have sex.

* * *

Here is a snippet of a conversation I had with my parents last week:

Max: If I ever get a tattoo…

Max’s mom: I absolutely forbid you, you are never to get a tattoo.

Max’s dad: Why do you encourage her?

* * *

Dear passengers,

Please do not engage in any sexual activities on board our Airbus A380. We regret to inform you that the private 1st class suites are not sound-proofed, nor are they completely sealed. We would not like you to offend any of your fellow travellers or any members of our crew. Thank you for your understanding.


Singapore Airlines

Airline bans A380 mile-high club


4 Responses to Mile high

  1. knottyboy says:

    We would not want one of your tits popping out of your paperboard berth and smacking the flight attendant while she’s serving a cosmopolitan to one of your other cabin mates. God knows wasting booze is a sin.
    Singapore Airlines

  2. Richard says:

    At 5 figures for a 1st class double bed ?? €€€€€ I’ll make all the noise I want :)) BTW,,, how is the tatoo on the upper left thigh??

  3. Max says:

    If I ever get a tattoo, it will be a blue snake wearing a crown eating a baby.

  4. Heddy says:

    I love it!!

    Firstly, your parents are ringing bells of similarity with mine! (I still haven’t even told them I’ve got a tattoo – or that I’m thinking of getting another one – and I figure I don’t have to. I mean, they’re on the other side of the world, there’s got to be a benefit in that!)

    Secondly, even those of us without kids know that as soon as you tell someone not to do something, it whizzes up to No. 1 in the “Things To Do” list!!

    Love it!

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