Max solicits



I was sitting in the pub on my own. I was waiting for BJ, who was coming from work, and his two mates who were here visiting. I thought BJ’s mates might arrive at the pub before BJ so I was on the lookout for foreign people who looked like they might be looking for someone.

A man of the right age walked by my table and it seemed that he was looking around. He didn’t have a wife with him, but I thought he might have left her by the door while he scouted. He continued on to the far end of the pub and I waited to see if he would come back. Come back he did, so I spoke to him.



Morgan? Are you Morgan?

He approached my table and leaned in a bit.

Are you Morgan? Are you looking for BJ?

He looked slightly taken aback.


Are you looking for BJ?

Uh, no, I don’t think so.

And then he hastily retreated.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later when I was recounting the story to BJ that I realised what had occurred.


2 Responses to Max solicits

  1. Same Old A-Hole says:

    Your mom once told me that, if she won the lottery, she’d buy me a hummer. It was uncomfortable for just a minute. I finally explained to her that 1) were she so inclined, there would be a good number of cars I’d prefer and 2) a hummer is not just a brand. She was embarrassed. She thanked me for educating her regarding vernacular.

  2. Rippy T. says:

    “Ten hundret kroner” might work better next time.
    Just a guess.

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