Princess Diana jokes

entry to d'Alma tunnel
entry to the d’Alma tunnel


This is kind of random, but as I have not had time to post at all for days and I just happened to receive two really tasteless jokes on email today, I thought I might as well share the jokes.

This one came, appropriately, from Paris:

Pavarotti meets Princess Diana in heaven. He says I wish I had a halo as big as yours. She replies Fuck off you fat bastard. Its a steering wheel.

And this one came, appropriately, from an Aussie:

Whats the difference between Michael Hutchence and Princess Diana?

Michael was wearing his belt!!



One Response to Princess Diana jokes

  1. Same Old A-Hole says:

    It was discovered that, at the time of her death, Princess Diana had dandruff.

    Yes, it’s true. Authorities found her Head & Shoulders in the trunk.

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