Birthday Report

birthday girl


I have had requests for a report, so here goes – we’ll see how much I can remember…

I turned 42 on Friday, 7 December, but the celebrations had started earlier. Jono flew over from Paris on Wednesday night, arriving at my house at 11.15. I had been at the pub and already had a solid buzz going, but we went to my local for a couple of beers anyway. We were thrown out at 1 o’clock because that’s when they close. I went straight to bed so that I would be able to go to the gym in the morning.

Fast forward to Thursday evening. A couple of other friends were in town from England so Jono and I had arranged to have dinner with them at Passepartout, a restaurant where the food is beautiful and we know the owners. We had a lovely dinner with a couple of bottles of wine and cognacs to finish the meal. Our other friends left around midnight. Shortly thereafter Jono informed the owners that it was then my birthday, and for the next few hours we received even more free booze than we usually do. We finally stumbled into a taxi at 3.30.

My phone rang at 7.30 on Friday morning. It was my parents calling from the night before in LA to wish me a happy birthday. They were puzzled why they had woken me up – expecting that I would either be in the gym or getting ready to go to work. I explained that work would remain out of the question for another couple of hours, but that I would get there eventually. And I did make it into work promptly at 11.15. I left to go to lunch at 12.45. It was my birthday.

I worked hard all afternoon and left the office just after 5. Jono and I had planned to go to dinner that evening at a restaurant that does only tasting menus, but due to a change in plans we weren’t going to have time to indulge in a 10-course meal. After looking for inspiration on the internet, we decided to go to the Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant at the Hotel Paříž.

Dinner was wonderful. The restaurant was rather empty and too brightly lit, both of which we felt took away from the overall experience. But the food and the service were excellent. We had a glass of champagne as our aperitif and then Jono – who has really expanded his knowledge of wine since moving to France – chose a deliciously verbose Bordeaux.

Eva and Vašek arrived just as we were finishing our coffees so Jono ordered another bottle of wine. After we had drunk that, we moved to the cocktail bar formerly known as Alcohol Bar where we had several or a half dozen cocktails. It was great to see Eva and Vašek and it was all fun. Even the music was good. When the DJ put on Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, all conversation in the bar stopped because all of the drunks wanted to sing along. We left around 3 when the bar closed.

Jono and I walked Eva and Vašek back to their car where they had to wait for Modrý Anděl – one of those taxi services that comes with 2 drivers to drive your car home for you. We called a taxi from there. And when we got home we cracked open a bottle of champagne because we didn’t want the night to end.

Upon leaving the house on Saturday morning (afternoon), Jono and I walked through the park and over to Bořivojova Street so that I could show him the house where the flat we are buying will be. And the exciting thing was that we saw people working there. Meaning that they have finally started reconstructing the house.

I had a fantastic birthday weekend and I even went to the gym today right after Jono left. Boris sent me flowers.


2 Responses to Birthday Report

  1. ludo says:

    Sounds like a happy birthday … birthweek. That seemed to have come round fast. My 40th is looming fast. Wasn’t unhappy about it till the family hijacked the whole deal. Glad to hear the house is getting off the ground … Take care, Ludo xxxx

  2. niquemg says:

    Sounds like you celebrated in style…saw a Clash documentary today and thought of you and I in all our punk glory..miss you and happy, happy birthday again…niquemg

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