Upping the Ante


This post follows on both my new fitness regimen and my New Year’s cut-down-drinking resolution.

The fitness is going well. I normally see my trainer 3 times per week and get into the gym at least once more on my own. Results are visible, my muscles are more solid and defined and my back feels stronger than it has in years.

The drinking is going okay. Boris was around last week and he keeps me pretty sensible in that respect. My only night of substantial over-indulgence was the night I was out with people other than Boris. However I only managed one day with no alcohol at all.

Boris is super fit. He has worked in the fitness industry forever, he has been a trainer, and it seems to me that he knows everything there is to know about health and fitness and physiology. But Boris has been having trouble lately in motivating himself to go to the gym.

Somehow last night we decided to turn our quests for self-improvement into a wager, as follows. Every week, for the next 10 weeks:

Boris has to work out 5 times per week; and

Max has to work out 3 times per week + have 2 alcohol-free days.

Whoever does not manage to fulfil their agenda for any given week has to donate £20 to the charity the other has chosen.

We also have an accumulator. As Boris too will endeavour to have alcohol-free days, we will earn one point for each workout and one point for each non-drinking day. Whoever ends the 10 weeks with the highest total of points is the winner. The loser will have to donate £50 to each of the two charities we have chosen.

The bet begins today.


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