Monkey writes to the governor of New Hampshire


diebold election fraud

Dear Governor Lynch

The Secretary of State’s office has been delaying and stalling the recount requested and paid for by Mr Albert Howard. This recount is from the January 8, 2008 primary – a whopping 20 days ago. The obvious fraud prompted Mr Howard to request this recount, but he has been stymied at every turn and time is of the essence on this recount which should have been finished ten days ago.


Additionally, certain individuals in the office of the Secretary of State have likely committed violations of New Hampshire’s election laws and I am requesting you to do two things:


(1) Step in and direct the Secretary of State William M Gardner, to get the recount done this week, and


(2) Direct the Attorney General for the State of New Hampshire to open an investigation into likely violations of New Hampshire’s elections laws, ie chain of custody of the ballots, slits in the ballot boxes and unlawful transport and security of the ballots.


NH Election laws including RSA chapters 39 & 40: 660:5: Conduct of recount. If directed by the SOS, the State Police shall collect all ballots requested from the town or city clerks having custody of them and shall deliver them to the public facility designated by the SOS.


I sincerely hope your office is able to put a stop to this madness and see that justice is served.

Sincerely yours

Large Discrepancies Found in New Hampshire Recount


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