In support of free speech

westergaard mohammed cartoon
Today several leading Danish newspapers have reprinted the above cartoon, one of those that had sparked Muslim protests worldwide after their original publication in 2005. The occasion is the arrest of three suspects in an alleged plot to murder the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.
This post is in support of the Danish newspapers and Mr Westergaard and those who refuse to give in to fear and fanaticism.

22 Responses to In support of free speech

  1. ehab says:

    In support of free speech !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why you consider me intolerant when i refuse insulting my belief .
    this my prophet and my religion

    how could you respect a religion worship Satan or a cow ,
    and you couldn’t do at least the same with a religion say about Jesus ( the god prophet and his word ) and every Muslim must to have faith in this to consider a muslim .

    if you like the rab music can i consider you a barbarian
    is this your freedom .

    did you really know anything about islam , muhammed , quran .

  2. Max says:

    Lighten up, Ehab, it’s a cartoon

  3. Francesca Precioso says:

    Hi Ehab,
    I like the rab music, and yes, you can consider me a barbarian.
    Also, I worship poo but don’t get offended when you flush yours. It’s a personal choice.

    Did you really know anything about worship, poo, or flush?


    Get thee to Dubai and enjoy the booze, k? K.

    Asalam malakim.

  4. Hatem says:

    why there are lows in Europe prevent anyone from discussing the existence of the Holocaust even if it is in scientificly based discussion and we all remember Roger Garaudy the french author who dare to discuss the issue of the holocaust…..WHY THIS DOUBLE STANDARDS ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Max says:

    It is perfectly fine to discuss the Holocaust. It is illegal in some countries to deny the Holocaust. I don’t support those laws, I support free speech. However some countries are trying to make up for past errors and they do that in the way they see fit.

  6. jim says:


    Bloody good work fella, love the site, keep up the good work.



  7. Max says:

    Thanks, Jim. Keep stopping by. But, by the way, I’m not a fella.


  8. American Imperialist says:

    This must continue- we as non-muslims (non-fanatics)- must not sugar coat. The bottom line is that Islam by its very nature is barbaric and extreme. These crude – disgusting people want the rest of the world to dress their women in table cloths, have sex with goats, and stop using toilet paper- and they call us barbaric.

    Islam is a sickness , there is nothing good about it. Islam is the devil in a turban.

  9. Tanveer Alam Qasmi. from INDIA says:

    I am an Indian religious Muslim
    Just I have find this message but when I saw about our prophet Muhammed (pbh) Sallall lahu alaihe wasallam. that all of you released wrong news and photos we Muslims are very angry .
    I request you to remove photos or Muhammed because our prophet don’t leaved any real picture in the world.

    Bangalore .INDIA

  10. Max says:

    I appreciate everyone’s views in spite of the fact that I don’t necessarily agree with them.

    Tanveer, I just want to emphasise that the picture I have posted is not real and does not claim to be real. It’s a fucking cartoon. Get it?

  11. nadia says:

    hi>>>>>>>>yes, you’ve guessed it another freaking Muslim
    i am a believer and i am not very offended… why?
    coz the greatness of islam tought me to be tolerant and yet to accept their ideas
    did u know that the neighbor next door to prophet Mohd was a Jew>>and they were good neighbour
    no muslims don’t wear table cloth….you have the web between ur hands search the web, muslim women r now doctors, professors and god forsaken hackers…..
    we luv Jesus, Moses And all God’s messenger but you’ll never find a muslim to draw them

  12. sweet as sugar says:

    whats wrong with you guys?? is it hard to tolerat islam and let muslims live in peace??!! what really surprises me that you americans respect a man who considers a COW his GOD , and insult a religion (islam) which demands muslims to pespect every other religion !! come on use your brains americans !!! muslims respect you cristians and they respect GESSES , do you think that they cant insult cristianty? do you think that they cant draw GESSES in a bad way? yes they can . but they didnt ! do you know why? because they believe in GESSES and believe in cristianty , so why you are insulting them ??!!! you are stealing their OIL their LAND and attacking their RELIGION and you expect them to shush their mouths !! they have the right to defense and you guys dont have the right to insult who respects you… read and read and read about islam because there is a HUGE gap between what your media shows you and what is real ….. regards

  13. freekydeeky says:

    Sweet as sugar,

    Please show me one piece of land that America has stolen. As far as I know they have not expanded their borders since the acquisition of the 50th state. Everyone in the worl is paying high prices for gasoline. I assume this is because they are not stealing it. Please, find some correct sources and don’t let the media run your life. Radical muslims let the media be their guide and you can see how insane it makes them.

    Also, it is spelled “Jesus” and, yes, he is probably as much of a joke as Mohammed.


  14. Ahmad behzad says:

    Sallam and greeting to every one

    i Hope every one is fine . and i just wanted to tell every non-muslim that we respect their belive, their religion and the history says that no one from the muslim nation has ever drew or said bad words to any religion of any belivers and plz we request every brother and sister from every religion to respect us and we respect them.
    Khuda hafiz

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is a quote from the Quran:

    “5:51, O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them.”

    “4:144 O ye who believe! Choose not disbelievers for (your) friends in place of believers. Would ye give Allah a clear warrant against you ?”

    The Quran clearly teaches to not become friends with either Christians or Jews.

    “4:101, In truth the disbelievers are an open enemy to you.”

    You can say that you respect Christians as much as you want, but in the end everyone else is just an open enemy to you. In fact your religion commands you to view everyone else as enemies.

    And remember, I’m just quoting the Quran here.

    4:157 We slew the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, Allah’s messenger – they slew him not nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them.

  16. mohammed shoeb uddin says:

    first of all MAX it is not just a cartoon …it is hurting the sentiments of muslims…because this figure is an insult of the man of which we respect after “Allah” (GOD). freedom of speech or thought does not mean that you can insult or play with others emotions.
    American imperialist, what the hell you are thinking, we are barbaric, if we would have been barbabric then thier would not have been 140 christian families alive till now from the period of prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h) in this ARAB world and one more thing, you think that women are harshly treated in our religion, NO this is not the case because 70% out of 100% are women who are excepting ISLAM your home country and that is AMERICA. In America the most rapidly expanding religion is ISLAM. and yes about sex with goat thing, you fucking idiot just look at yourself and your people, mostly you idiots dont even know what are you doing with yourselfs… know everyday 2800 rape cases are taken place in America…..and in Saudi Arabia it is the worlds least because of Islamic Law that rapist should be Stoned to death or Beheaded, in Saudi arabia there is only 0.01% AIDS rate and the criminal rate is also the lowest, why? because of Islamic law. ISLAM is not sickness, it is the right path and everybody must look at it in right way. actually AI the people like you are sickness.

  17. mohammed shoeb uddin says:

    hi Freekydeeky, so according to you america is innocent ha………well why the fuck he attacked afghanistan and iraq…….why he is threatning iran…….why the fuck he is supporting Israel in killing hundereds of thousands people in Palestain and Lebanon. While Hitler was fucking asses of Jews, Palestain was the one who gave them shelter and these motherfuckers betrait them and captured their land. Actually BUSH mother fucker is the biggest Terrorist of all and most of you know why. So after all this if FREEKY thinks that america is innocent then FUCK YOU. and joking about prophets well let me tell you this you are a joke yourself.

  18. mohammed shoeb uddin says:

    yes Anonymous you may be right but muslims are not allowed to hurt or insult the people of other religion but i know some muslims do this but they are totally wrong. And muslims are not the only one who do such kind of things some people of other religion do the same so why only blame muslims. JUST think out of the box and STOP calling us Terrorist because if we would have been of such kind then there would not have been any non-muslim left to tell this.

  19. Anonymous says:

    LOL, i just randomly visited this site today and it just happened to be the same day as i got replied. Of course for me that is just a coincident.

    “yes Anonymous you may be right but muslims are not allowed to hurt or insult the people of other religion but i know some muslims do this but they are totally wrong. And muslims are not the only one who do such kind of things some people of other religion do the same so why only blame muslims.”

    Then it’s a good thing that not every human is religious on this planet.

    “JUST think out of the box and STOP calling us Terrorist because if we would have been of such kind then there would not have been any non-muslim left to tell this”

    Even If “all” of you were terrorists, which i don’t believe, then there would still be non-mulsims left to tell this. Terrorists are not the strongest force in the world.
    Even IF “all” of you were terrorists,you could never become strong enough to kill every non-muslim on the planet, to actually believe that is even close to be considered possible is absurd.

    One of the reasons why many react to the Muslim reaction is because it was not correct. Plotting murder is not an excuse. Drawings = murder? That’s rubbish.
    The ones who reacted with violence and possible murder could have complained in a peaceful matter instead. I don’t blame every Muslim. But burning flags, embassys and plotting and/or inspire to murder is not a peaceful way to react to something as simple as a drawing.

  20. black trees says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  21. Huck Fiua says:

    I love muslims…when they’re in the ground and unable to blow up civilians. Yes the only good muslim is one in the ground.

  22. LoLote says:

    Fuck religions.. fuck the bible, fuck the Quran, fuck Muhammad, fuck Jesus and fuck all of your stupid gods… you are all terrorists and you all make this world a piece of shit

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