Super-pessimist Max

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rtm sent this link: Bush predicts GOP will hold White House, along with an rtm message:

1st, he was right about FLA.

then in ’04, so smug. “oh I ain’t gonna lose!”

now this…

I answered:

They barely even need to rig the vote this time.

First – the Dems have proved that they won’t change anything anyway.

Second – a white man will always win over a woman or a black man.

Stay where you are, kids – it’s not time to go back to The Amerika yet.

And the thing is that that’s really what I think. I think it’s great that the Democratic primaries are down to a black man and a woman – that at least we have come that far. But I also think that the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot. I honestly don’t think that enough people in The Amerika will vote for a woman or a black man over a white man. That is to say that some people will vote for McCain even in spite of their Democratic leanings because his opponent’s colour or sex is not the correct one for the leader of our country.

Many of those people will lie to their friends about who they voted for. And many others will admit to voting for McCain, but will deny any charges of racism or sexism. And in many of their minds, it really won’t be racism or sexism. After all, some of their best friends are black… But the person that represents The Amerika, the leader of the free world forgodsake, needs to have a certain image. That image has never been of colour and it has never worn a skirt.

Anyone who believes that political change is just around the corner is going to be bitterly disappointed once again.


5 Responses to Super-pessimist Max

  1. rtm says:

    I think I may be much more cynical than you about certain things, but on this point I don’t really agree. I think the numbers of people who have been voting Dem in the primaries– what is it about 2 to 1? — is significant. I think it points to the huge number of what have been known as ‘undecided’ and ‘swing’ voters making up their minds early.
    It’s unfathomable to me (as it was the last two times) that any Republican could win. But if W. is proved a prophet once again, I’m sure that will be a tidy excuse. But I think the country- by a large margin- has had enough, and is more than ready for a lady or even a black muslim!

  2. Max says:

    rtm, I hope you are right and I am wrong. That is not because I believe a Democrat in the White House will substantially change anything, but merely because I loathe John McCain.

  3. Max says:

    rtm, I just found this: “McCain would defeat Democrats, poll shows” – not by a lot, but it’s an interesting article.,0,5452138.story

  4. Dane says:

    Rtm – Obama isn’t Muslim. He’s part of the United Church of Christ, or, as one might colloquially have it, Unitarians Considering Christ.

    Also, Max, do *not* fucking do this to me. I have spent enough post-election mornings crying into my beer.

  5. Max says:

    Dane, don’t worry, rtm knows that Obama isn’t Muslim, he’s just making a point.

    Also, I’m not doing anything. Unlike some people, I am not controlling the outcome of this election. I am merely an observer.

    And don’t cry into your beer, honey, you’ll water it down.

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