The Flat in Žižkov – a progress report


We were notified last Wednesday that the building permit for the new attic flats had finally come through. Only approximately 5 months behind schedule, but that is par for the course. The Building Authority, after all, is just another cog in the antiquated machine that is Czech bureaucracy.

Filip sent me the agreement on future purchase agreement and asked me when I wanted to go over to his office to sign it. The agreement was 8 pages long and in Czech. I skimmed through it quickly and then sent Filip an email that started thus:

The attached agreement is wrong. It does not match the agreement attached to the reservation agreement. If you remember, we made some changes to the agreement – I am sure that you have it on file.

The changes I was referring to in my email were those that I had carefully negotiated last summer with the help of one of my Czech colleagues.

Filip then tried to tell me that the agreements were substantially the same, that only some building specifications had been inserted. It seems that Filip completely forgot that I am a lawyer.

I sent him one example of where the agreements were different and asked him to find the agreement we had actually agreed and to update that version for me to sign. Filip then merely corrected the one point I had specified and asked me to let him know if I found anything else. I was pissed off.

I emailed Filip again the next day once I had enlisted the help of another Czech colleague. (The one who had helped me last summer is currently on holiday in Africa.)

One of my Czech colleagues is going to go through the agreement for me to make sure it matches the agreed agreement. I will get back to you on Monday to tell you if we need to make any more changes and to agree a signing date.

My email to Filip on Monday:

There are several problems with the new agreement. It is not consistent with the changes we made last summer and certain other changes have been made to the contents we had agreed.

My accompanying list contained 12 points.

Since Monday, all I have received from Filip is an acknowledgement that he had received my email.

In the meantime, Jono and I are consolidating the funds we need to pay our 2nd deposit. I expect we’ll sign next week or the week after. We’ll be one step closer and there will be champagne.

Last time I walked by the building, by the way, was 17 days ago. The scaffolding was up, the roof was off, and there was work being done on a Sunday.


3 Responses to The Flat in Žižkov – a progress report

  1. Archy says:

    Awesome, now whenever I manage to make my way over to Europe I can bum in your flat for a day or two whilst I explore Prague, haha.

    We just moved into a new place here in California and as much as I love the excitement of the new space and the new roommates, you can’t help but hate the actual moving itself. If only someone paid me to move my own crap…

  2. Pak My Kah says:


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