Lives and Treasure

pirate game

“No one would argue that this war has not come at a high cost in lives and treasure…”

PЯesident George W Bush, speaking yesterday about Iraq

Sorry – “treasure”?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I find that use of the word ‘treasure’ offensive. The war in Iraq is not a children’s game of pirates, and the taxpayers’ hard-earned money is not ‘treasure’.

But W is an asshole and John McCain is going to be even worse.


4 Responses to Lives and Treasure

  1. FreakyDeaky says:


    Have you ever heard someone say “every child is a treasure…”? Does that mean that every child is pirate loot? No…because it is just an expression. Given, W is an idiot, but…geez…liberals neet to quit crying and quit trying to break down everything someone says no matter how simple the statement. You are grasping at straws.

  2. Max says:


    That statement made me cringe, which is why I wrote about it – not because I am a liberal (I do not consider myself a liberal), but because I value language and pay attention to how it is used. If any thought went into the Prez’s choice of words, then “treasure” was a pathetic attempt at disguising the sum that according to official reports is already over $500 billion, and increasing at an alarmingly rapid rate.

    Check this “treasure”:


  3. FreakyDeaky says:

    Ok, I’ll accept that. As for the money involved what would be better: 1. Leave Iraq and let chaos reign (much like it did in Afghanistan after the war against the Russians or in Vietnam where millions were killed after the US left), or, 2. Continue to hold Iraq’s hand until they decide to put aside their childish, violent dispute between Suunis & Shia’s? (which will probably never happen) I subscribe to the “you broke it…you fix it theory”. I am a conservative but I was never for the war. But I also think the whole “Bush lied, people died” sayings are total bullshit. It was a bad decision based on bad intelligence (the CIA and Bush). If he really planned the “lie” he would have planted some WMD’s after the invasion and there would have never been any question about the legitimacy of the war. Anyway, It basically boils down to the US’s repsonsiblity to fix the mess…which requires money. As a taxpayer I don’t like either choice. So where does it leave us? So far it leaves us with a lot of people who like to complain and have no real solutions other than pulling all forces out of the country and trying to forget about the whole thing. Which, as history shows, you cannot do.

    My thought on Iraq is this: middle easterners need govenments that totally dominate them. Nearly every muslim country in the middle east is ruled by totalitarian government of some sort. There are no choices and no tolerance of anything. Being “under someones thumb” is the only way they know how to live. It’s their way of life. They are not ready for democracy and should not have it pushed on them. Saddam Hussein was the glue that held Iraq together. The real victims in the middle east are women.

  4. Max says:


    I don’t believe it was “a bad decision based on bad intelligence”. I believe it was a bad decision based on a bad foreign policy that itself was based on dependence on foreign oil. I know it’s more complicated than that, but oil has been a principal factor in US foreign policy since the 1940s.

    I mostly agree with your point in the last paragraph. I have always found it ironic that the US was trying to force democracy.

    As to the big question – where do we go from here? – that’s a tough one. I also don’t like the two choices you have listed. However, where you have gone for the second as the better of the two options, I would go for the first.

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