Beijing Olympics 2008

Paris Olympic torch relay protest

  • Tiananmen Square
  • Tibet
  • One child policy
  • Capital punishment
  • Organ harvesting
  • Censorship
  • Persecution of ethnic and religious minorities

Why the fuck did the IOC award the Olympics to China in the first place?

And what the hell did they expect?


2 Responses to Beijing Olympics 2008

  1. freakydeaky says:

    They probably expected (and probably got) a nice lump of cash from the Chinese…

  2. Ricardo says:

    Of course the Chinese media have reported the demonstrations rather differently!

    I feel sorry for the athletes who’ve devoted their lives to sporting excellence which is now somewhat over-shadowed. However, I do think that demonstrations are totally appropriate if reasonably conducted – trying to steal the torch is a bit too far though.

    However, the Chinese regime has never cared a fuck what anyone else thinks. Personally, I try to avoid purchasing all Chinese products.

    It will be a very brave athlete indeed who wears a ‘Free Tibet’ T-shirt on the winner’s podium.

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