A Tribute to Arms

nadal arms 1
nadal arms 2
nadal arms 3


8 Responses to A Tribute to Arms

  1. knottyboy says:

    Good sweet and sour baby jesus. OMFG!!!

  2. Dane says:

    Oh dear.

    (by which I mean: Dear Max, I still check your blog hoping you’ve come back. A tribute to arms is not what I’ve been patiently waiting for. Arms crossed and toe tapping, Dane)

  3. John Mcenroe says:

    Oh dear.
    I guess Martina Navratilova nebo Sharapova would have been more popular with certain readers, Max.
    Please conform and appease.


  4. niquemg says:

    I liked it. MMG

  5. Little Raquel says:

    Auntie M, it was with great pleasure I viewed your “A Tribute To Arms” entry. Beautifully well composed. In addition I look forward to the “Nice Arse” comment that inevitably follows the arms………

  6. Richard says:

    Where is the Busy Bee? … okay tribute to arms was cool – come back and at least make a prediction on the US Open spread? 😉

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