Calling a spade a spade

Friday, 14 March 2008
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Okay, I suck. I have let my job totally get in the way and I haven’t managed to post all week. That in spite of some juicy things going on: Eliot Spitzer (prostitution), Geraldine Ferraro (accusations of racism), Mehdi Kazemi (sodomy), new marijuana laws in the Czech Republic… Luckily I am not going anywhere this weekend and I anticipate spending some quality time in front of my computer.

But for now, I would like to share excerpts from some emails that were exchanged yesterday between me and my friend Ricardo, who is a limey and also lives here in Prague. Ricardo is blue and I am violet.

Irrespective of whether Hillary or the Osama bloke (didn’t a paper get in trouble for that?) win, it is questionable if either will have enough support against the next gung ho tyrant-in-waiting of the United States of A. His arms look a bit too short.

Geraldine Ferraro (a former VP candidate) just got into trouble for pointing out that Obama is black.

I thought he was 50:50. Does that mean it’s wrong to say he’s black and equally that he’s white? Blimey.

He is 50:50, and I think you are allowed to say that he is white, but only because anyone can see that he is black. You are not, however, allowed to refer to him as African-American because although he is half African and half American, his ancestors were not slaves so therefore saying African-American would somehow be misleading.

Why is it that you’re allowed to say that Obama’s campaign is going well because he is young, because he is good-looking, or because he reminds people of John F Kennedy, but you can’t say that his race has been a factor? Especially when clearly it has. Just as some people are voting for Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman and some people will vote for McCain in November just because he is a white man, some people are obviously voting for Obama just because he is black. And so what? That’s just because lots and lots of people don’t vote on the issues.

Mrs Ferraro, your mistake was that you forgot to speak in a whisper when you said the word “black”.


Super-pessimist Max

Tuesday, 26 February 2008
clinton obama

rtm sent this link: Bush predicts GOP will hold White House, along with an rtm message:

1st, he was right about FLA.

then in ’04, so smug. “oh I ain’t gonna lose!”

now this…

I answered:

They barely even need to rig the vote this time.

First – the Dems have proved that they won’t change anything anyway.

Second – a white man will always win over a woman or a black man.

Stay where you are, kids – it’s not time to go back to The Amerika yet.

And the thing is that that’s really what I think. I think it’s great that the Democratic primaries are down to a black man and a woman – that at least we have come that far. But I also think that the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot. I honestly don’t think that enough people in The Amerika will vote for a woman or a black man over a white man. That is to say that some people will vote for McCain even in spite of their Democratic leanings because his opponent’s colour or sex is not the correct one for the leader of our country.

Many of those people will lie to their friends about who they voted for. And many others will admit to voting for McCain, but will deny any charges of racism or sexism. And in many of their minds, it really won’t be racism or sexism. After all, some of their best friends are black… But the person that represents The Amerika, the leader of the free world forgodsake, needs to have a certain image. That image has never been of colour and it has never worn a skirt.

Anyone who believes that political change is just around the corner is going to be bitterly disappointed once again.