Irresponsible Max

Monday, 23 July 2007


rolling stones

Not dead yet

…or what I did at the weekend instead of preparing my lectures for this week.

Redneck Max

I spent Saturday with friends out at their gun club in Čelakovice. I learned how to shoot a .22 long rifle, which I was good at, and 12-gauge shotguns which I was not good at. And I have a massive purple bruise colouring the whole inside of my bicep proving that I was not holding the first shotgun quite right. My amateur trainer was clearly delinquent in his duties that day.

I had a good laugh shooting Glocks with my trainer’s 17 year old daughter, who is a crackerjack shot with any kind of gun she picks up. We made up little exercises and competitions to challenge and entertain ourselves. Luckily the members of the gun club purchase their ammunition in giant family value packs.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Max

On Sunday I travelled to Brno to see the Rolling Stones. I had been debating with myself for ages whether I should be a responsible summer programme professor or an irresponsible hedonist who lives for pleasure and worries about the consequences later. I had decided to go the responsible route, but once I had convinced myself that I could sacrifice pleasure for responsibility, at least theoretically, I called off that farce and got a ticket.

I have to say that I was not expecting much. The Rolling Stones had disappointed last year when they cancelled their concert due to Keith Richards falling out of a tree and Ron Wood checking into rehab for the 400th time. And the favourite wager on the way down to Brno was whether any of them would drop dead during the concert and, if so, which one. The concert venue was outdoors and the forecast was for rain. But I was in a good mood and I was with some good people so I knew I would have fun.

And then the concert turned out to be amazing. Really a lot better than the other Stones concert I had been to, which was Prague in 2003. Part of the reason was that general admission had been split up into premium and plebeian, so that by paying 45% more, I could see the Stones with my own eyes rather than just on the big screens. We were standing a little bit to the right, but really just a few people back from the stage. And Mick Jagger was very good about using the entire width of the stage. Even Keith Richards ventured out to the sides once or twice. They got so close to us that we could see the creases in their trousers and in their faces.

Mick Jagger had more wardrobe changes than Madonna, but he was on incredible form. His energy was astonishing.

Lisa: I would totally fuck Mick Jagger right now.

Max: I reckon even the boys would fuck Mick Jagger right now.

But then I asked the boys and they said they wouldn’t.

Probably the best thing for me last night was that the Stones played Miss You, which was the first Stones song that I ever loved. And now I’ve heard it live. Cool.

After the concert I had to find Annabel who had wandered off and got lost. On the way I met some nice Serbian boys and then finally everyone else caught up with us at the train station. Our 00.28 train was late, and we didn’t get in to Praha hlavní nádraží until 04.00.

I was at work by 9.45. I am sleep deprived and not at my best, but it was totally worth it and I am so happy that I went.

Thanks Annabel, thanks Mikey!